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Fats and oils do not sound very attractive, right? But without fats taste is limited and you need fats for some vitamins to be taken in from the body. Clarified butter My number one fat! I am THE largest supporter of clarified butter! My grandma always did say, that the food will be only really good, if you use clarified butter. And she was right! I am making my clarified […]

I am a little squirrel, I always have a huge collection of nuts at home. If I would have a garden I would plant a lot of nut trees! I store a lot of them in the freezer, which is not very convenient, if you only have 2,5 drawers. On the other hand they last longer, because they do not turn rancid. Especially more expensive nuts that contain more fat […]

For a very long time I wanted to show you my “kitchen essentials”. My groceries, which I always have on hand. I do not only mean salt. I also tell you which kind of salt I prefer and why. This would be way too much information for one post, therefore I decided on a new series! I start today with the topic of seasoning. This is a very broad topic, […]

First tomato jam sounds strange, doesn’t it? I thought so, too. But then I had a large bunch of tomatoes, which needed to be processed and I thought why not try it? I’m open for experiments and when you make some research tomato jam isn’t the fancied thing in some countries, but an old hat. The jam tastes great with cheese! A really divine combination. And in winter you bring […]

Last year I made a batch of barbecue sauce with peaches. Unfortunately I couldn’t manage it with the peaches last summer and so in autumn the barbecue sauce in stock looked very meager. Then in November I was invited to a whisky event and after that I was able to experiment with the smoky Single Malt Whisky Ardmore. And nothing fit better than to refine my barbecue sauce with that […]

Marisa writes about this recipe that you want to put these onions on everything as soon as you have them in you pantry. And she is totally right! Caramelized red onions are the best, anyway. And if they are available anytime then, well. I already discovered a lot of great possibilites to use the relish and I will soon introduce you to more over-the-moon homemade pantry-staples, which you should always […]

Some time ago I told you that I love to have breakfast. Just, I don’t have time for that. I want to sleep instead. At least in the week. So mostly I eat a yogurt at work and that’s it. That’s ok, but not the best. And because I’m a bit fastidious demanding about yogurt (don’t buy the big brands, no fruit pieces, no softened granola, no artifical flavours, so […]

I’m making this garlic confit regularly for a long time now. Garlic confit is just perfect in dishes where you add the garlic normally raw, like salads, dressings, spreads, creams, etc. because the garlic loses some of its sharpness due to the cooking process in oil. Also the garlic gains a mild rich flavour. I can’t even stand raw garlic (or even worse raw onions), because I always end up […]