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Shopping groceries is done, you arrive at home and cut the vegetables and the meat on a plastic cutting board, which already might have a lot of cuts. With every cut plastic particles are coming off, which then stick to the food and are eaten. By you. Does this sound healthy to you? You might say that a plastic cutting board can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. True. But […]

If it is possible I try to quit packaging, especially plastic. I am not religious about it, neither do I pass on everything. But some problems can be easily solved. Instead buying food in a can or in plastic, buy it in jars. Cans are also coated with plastic on the inside (although there are alternatives!). I used to use plastic boxes to take my lunch to work, freeze food […]

I recently watched the film plastic planet. Have you watched it, too? Although I am not a plastic fan, it was a wake up call for me. Luckily not only for me, but also for my other half, which makes things a lot easier ;). The plan now is to avoid plastic as much as possible. You might ask why and what is so bad about plastic anyway? Everyone of […]

You might think that you have easier access to unprocessed groceries, than in the cities. But no. Just no. Because more citizens in a city appreciate regional food, possibly even organic much more. It just doesn’t matter to the people here. They just go to Kaufland and that’s it. The only thing, which is easy to come by is milk. Raw milk from an organic Bioland farm even. I hadn’t […]