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My favourite soup! Ok, my favourite soup with carrots. But this recipe is one of those I’m using again and again every year. After the zucchini glut we now have a carrot glut! Recipe recommendations anyone? Besides using up some carrots, this soup is just the right dish after autumn showed up here. Spiced up with some coconut milk and cumin and then puréed finely this soup is a delight! […]

Watercress desperately in need was my theme for the last years! But since last week there’s one market stand that sells watercress and also grows it. I’m thrilled! I also noticed that the lettuce varieties on our market has increased. You can now also buy leaf lettuce, 3 years ago this was not possible. You might not notice that spring is approaching, because of the freezing temperatures (and the snow!), […]

I’m so enthusiastic about the book “La Tartine Gourmande” from Béatrice Peltre of the same-titled blog. Some weeks ago I already infected Ina from Butterfinger with my enthusiasm. As she got the book for her birthday, we decided to cook through the book – although geographically separated. So every 2 weeks, every Friday we résumé about a cooked recipe from the book, and provide some own pictures of it. We […]

8°C. That’s it, what the thermometer is saying outside. To cozy up yourself, this pumpkin-apple-soup helps. And it’s fast and easy done. Especially if you are using a pumpkin, that softens in minutes. We had luck, that F. parents gave us a huge one from their garden, that softens so fast and tastes so good. I don’t know what kind it was, so I’m not a helper here. But if […]

Today would be the perfect alibi for a big cake or even torte. But I’m not a fan of the big desserts, I’m more for smaller ones. But then a lot. Not to mention the high temperatures, that are dominating the country these days. So I’m presenting you with a refreshing delicate easy-to-make fruit soup. With this fruit soup, a mini barbecue tonight, some apricot tartelettes (which will be following […]