About a month ago I promised some tartelettes. Actually apricot tartelettes. But as the case may be, they looked good, but the apricots just tasted like nothing. Additionally something was missing. Some cream, which would flatter your palate. Maybe vanilla? So an idea was born. 1. Pâte sucrée: which I also used for the failed apricot tartelettes, but which is very good. I adapted it from Michel Roux. It’s a […]

Have I already told you about my autumn mood? Ok, ok I see… But the result amongst others is this delicious fabulous looking apple tart, which I adapted (another time) from Michel Roux great book Pastry. I love this book! It’s worth every cent and it’s not even expensive. Every type of pastry is described with recipes, sweet or savoury, he has it all. But back to the tart! Or […]