For Easter I have the ultimate eggnog high: eggnog cupcakes. I got hooked on that. No, not the eggnog, the cupcakes. After discovering the light version of topping cupcakes with pudding cream, I’m delighted with them. My cupcakes will never be heavy! Promise! This cupcakes are also convincing with light- and fluffiness. The dough is a simple eggnog cake recipe, which works also great as a pound cake with the […]

 My first cupcakes on the blog! Hurray! First I have to explain to you, what “Donauwelle” is. Donauwelle is a typical German cake, which consists of two layers of cake batter, one plain, the other browned with cocoa. On the cocoa cake batter sour cherries are spread. After baking the cake and cooling, a vanilla pudding cream is spread on the cake. Finally the cream is coated with dark chocolate. […]