Bangkok, I really enjoyed you this time! We decided for a hotel in Chinatown, the Shanghai Mansion, which includes all the typical aspects of Chinatown in the rooms, as well as at the breakfast. It’s quite special, but we found it charming. They had a large buffet which mostly warm asian dishes and american breakfast, as well as an egg station, fruit and a bit of toast. The service was […]

I have never thought this would happen, but I fell a bit in love with Prague. Maybe a lot. Over my birthday this year I was in Prague for the first time. A 3,5 hour drive is not far for a short trip and quicker and more uncomplicated than to go by plane to London or Paris. Maybe Prague is also quite near to your location? Of course (of course!), […]

This risotto with black rice from the po valley and saltwort (barba di frate) is full of Italian ingredients and flavours and you might as well find it on an Italian menu. I just got inspirated from what I had at home at that moment! The black rice is also perfect for other rice dishes. I picked it up in a deli named Eataly. You already might know Eataly from […]

I love alsace! It offers a great landscape and a lot to see. Also the wine is just my taste! The north around Straßbourg is more a beer area, near Colmar it’s again wine. I recommend to take a seat at a nice spot and sip a glass of Crèmant. In Straßbourg you’ll order a beer from a local brewery or a Panaché (beer and lemonade). It’ good to know, […]