Pesto always rocks! And as you might noticed it doesn’t always have to be just basil (which is annoying, anyway, if you don’t have any basil at home). I already introduced you to cauliflower pesto, pea pesto and swiss chard pesto and today we are again in the vegetables section and it will be yellow! Beautiful yellow corn pesto! Maybe you don’t know what to cook with corn anyway, except […]

Although this month will be mostly about ice cream, we habe a lot of vegetables from our field to eat. Some of you with an own garden themselves might know these situations having some sorts of vegetables in abundance. Our zucchini, cucumbers and the squash are quite late this year. But we have a lot of swiss chard, lettuce and different kind of beans at the moment. Last year I […]

New habit: every weekend I present you a new recipe with wild garlic! Ok ok, the season will soon be over, but still I have another great recipe today and maybe next weekend, too, since I bought another bunch wild garlic yesterday. Oops! But I think 1 bunch of wild garlic per week in season is a good dose to enjoy it without getting sick of it too fast. As […]

This recipe is from the great book “The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook” by Deb Perelman. It evolved into one of my favourite dishes this winter, which is kind of a wonder, since I really dislike cauliflower! But this pesto makes a dish of the cauliflower, which is not just edible, but quite delicious. What a revelation! Furthermore, this dish is on the table in no time, doesn’t need a ton of […]

I will now present you the best recipe of the summer, what am I saying, the year! I’m a really tomato ketchup lover! The stuff of my childhood still belongs to bratwurst and fish sticks for me! And the stuff of my childhood is bought from a global brand ever since, which is named like a relative of mine. You know I make a lot of things myself, but I […]

 We harvested well enough beetroots from our vegetable patch, yet. We love beetroot, but as it happens with a lot of vegetables that are abundant, you don’t know where to put them or what to make out of them anymore. Luckily I stumbled upon Petra’s blog entry. Beetroot gnocchi! As a huge fan of gnocchi I surely had to make them. Truly it was a bit of an effort to […]

Until recently we also had spinach on our field. Well, spinach. We like you, but we don’t know what to do with you really. Just as a side dish, that’s not our thing. Something has to happen with the spinach. First thing that comes to my mind are cannelloni with the famous spinach-ricotta-filling. Theoretically it’s possible to cook without a recipe, but I like to have some approximate quantities at […]

A classic in our fast after work kitchen: the pea pesto. If you like peas, you will love this pesto! Another great recipe from Deb from Smitten Kitchen. Who by the way is releasing her first cookbook in October! The ingredients for this pesto are always at home. Frozen peas, parmesan, olive oil, pine nuts. If you are considering pine nuts as a curiosity in your pantry, just use almonds […]

 After the huge sugar shock of the last days there is something hearty here again. Lovely deliciousness with orange zest and juice and prosciutto. A light and springlike meal. I love pasta dishes and this one is a bit unuasual, but nevertheless totally scumptious. Also this dish is cooked in just a few minutes with only a few ingredients. A perfect quick family meal. The recipe is from The Bitten […]

There is not much to say about this dish. It’s easy and quick. It’s light. It’s one of those dishes, that are great for evenings, when you don’t want to stand in the kitchen for an hour or even a half. Just because you don’t want. Or because you are that hungry, that you cannot concentrate on something else than being hungry. Well that’s me… sometimes.  It’s also one of […]

Summer ending and autumn beginning. That is what tomatoes and apples are standing for, right now. That is how I feel. I’m yearning for the warm summer air and long nights, but I also like when it rains all day and the sky is cloudy. It’s a good excuse to cozy up and eat meals, that warm from inside. And it’s a good excuse to drink glühwein, yet. Yeah, I […]