I looked for a recipes with green beans and I got some good recommendations on twitter, thank you! Juliane hinted me some blog posts of her, which attracted me immediately. Green beans with pasta, lemon sauce and garlic crumbs! This dish is whipped up in about half an hour and therefore perfect for a quick after work dinner! Nonetheless the pasta looks just delicious. It is also very handy that […]

As I cooked the lemon jelly I thought about what to do with all the zests. It would be a pity to throw them all away. Of course you can always dry the zest and mix it with salt or sugar. But I know from experience that I will not use that stuff. I also know these are lovely gifts, but I also do not know anybody who is using […]

The cold season is the time of citrus fruit. Although citrus are not growing here, the moderate climate in this time is just perfect for them in south Italy, Spain or Mallorca. The body is longing for vitamines, colour and fruits and the wonderful world of citrus can only sooth it. We like to order our fruit from Fet a Soller from Mallorca. The juice oranges are dreamy! The juice […]

New habit: every weekend I present you a new recipe with wild garlic! Ok ok, the season will soon be over, but still I have another great recipe today and maybe next weekend, too, since I bought another bunch wild garlic yesterday. Oops! But I think 1 bunch of wild garlic per week in season is a good dose to enjoy it without getting sick of it too fast. As […]

Today I introduce you into the world of homemade extracts. In Germany they are almost not known. Everyone knows them in North America and Great Britain in a large range of flavours. They are used in a lot of recipes, especially in baking recipes. So far I made three different flavours of extracts: vanilla, lemon and orange. Of course you can buy these or substitute them with vanilla beans, and […]

Frozen Yogurt is something I admire, since years and years ago, a Frozen Yogurt shop opened in Erlangen – a city nearby my home town. Unfortunately I can count the opportunities I had to eat there. I didn’t found something comparable here or in Nürnberg.   But we have an ice cream maker! The great thing about this frozen yogurt is, it’s totally easy! No heating and cooling egg-mixtures, no, […]

Today I’m finally fighting against my writer’s block. I didn’t stop to photograph, or beware! cooking and baking. But when it came to blogging my head was blank. On the other side I had so many things floating around my head, because just recently I began to work on my diploma thesis. Which is a totally new territory to me. I would say “so we see what happens next”, but […]

I love some particular cookies, which are unfortunately very pricey and so I don’t buy them very often. For truth never. They are made of spelt flour; lemon and rosemary are added. By chance I tried a recipe last week, out of which came my almost beloved cookies. It wasn’t my intention to do so. But it was a nice discovery. I used a recipe from Joy. I adapted it […]