We only take few photos in August from our field, but here are some impressions.

Today I have a some pictures of our garden in july. the first tomatoes beautiful flowers a lot of lettuce purple kohlrabi there will be a lot of corn Yeah, the fava beans made it and are ripe for harvesting! No zucchini, yet. squash two of our harvests in july As you see we had a lot of beans and swiss chard this year (and still have). Since the end […]

After quite some consideration we decided to rent again a piece of field at meine Ernte. We loved it last year and are looking forward to gardening, harvesting and sowing a lot of new varieties. This year I want to keep you posted and I begin just now with some pics from last weekend. There isn’t much to look at, yet, hopefully that will change soon. We planned our field […]

early August purple runner beans: young Swiss chard: zucchini: sunflowers: red kuri squash: oxheart tomato: bell pepper: crosswise our garden, apparently the tomatoes are already spoiled: pink cornflowers: overview gardens in early August: End of August bell pepper: corn: Swiss chard: September garden overview in September: the only baby bear squash: Swiss chard in front of lettuce (out of control) and purple runner beans: Oktober last harvest: Here is part […]

The season is already over for a month, but I want to give you a round-up of our first year with a vegetable patch. Mostly in pictures. We had a lot of fun gardening, but it was also very satisfying to create something, to hold the harvest in our hands. We also stored some vegetables in our cellar, like potatoes, squashs, carrots, celeriac, beetroots and parsnips. The last four are […]

This year we can call a small patch our own. We rented 45 sq m from meine Ernte (in english: my harvest). This includes already a whole vegetable patch, with seeded and planted plants of hokkaido, beans, potatoes, radishes, spinach, lettuce, kohlrabi, arugula, zucchini, cucumber and a lot more. We water the plants, pull up the weeds (a lot!) und cultivate our patch. Moreover we have more free space, so […]