You might already noticed that I love cocktails! But there is no need to go in a bar for that purpose. You can easily end a day at home with a homemade cocktail without any magic involved. But with time and experience and curiosity you need more ingredients. Creme de cacao is one of those ingredients, which aren’t easy to come by and than it’s an obscure mixture of alcohol, […]

Sometime it just had to be said: We are huge cocktail lovers and drinkers! We like to sit in a bar for that reason, but beyond happy hour it’s just too expensive for some juice and a shot of booze. So we like to mix them ourselves. Few books about drinks and cocktails are sitting on my shelves between my cookbooks. But for mixing cocktails you need some main ingredients […]

These beauties are my latest experiments.   This is the first time I’ve mixed them up. But I’m sure,  they will turn out great. Because how shouldn’t liquor, oil and vinegar with these ingredients turn out great?! I’ve made liquor before. With elderflower or peaches. I made the elderflower one this year again. It’s perfect. So if you can still lay you hands on elderflowers, pick them immediately and make […]

Last week I told you about some Christmas gifts I will make. Today I present you two of them. I highly recommend both. Either as a gift or just for yourself. Both recipes are made in no time and are very easy.  Although I bake and cook almost everything myself, I never made gingerbread or lebkuchen, as we call them in German (gingerbread is confusing for me, as the lebkuchen […]