This curry is one of my quickest dishes and one of my favourite thai dishes, too! In the summer you can use a lot of fresh vegetables here to make a vegetarian dish, on the other side you can make it using most things from the pantry, the rests from the fridge and some fresh chicken or frozen prawns. I mostly use prawns when I didn’t have thawed any chicken, […]

We cook Thai from time to time, since Thai dishes are really easy, quick and fresh. One of my favourites is the red curry. A red curry is mostly a red curry, because it contains red curry paste. The other ingredients mostly differ and you can vary a lot. Therefore you can make a dish out of ingredients from the fridge, pantry and the freezer and in no time you […]

I have a Thai cookbook, that accompanies me already some years and I love it ever since. Everything in there is delicious and easy to cook! It’s an all-time favourite. There I spotted the recipe for the purple rice pudding. Years ago, too, of course. But I’ve never made it, although it’s easy and delicious. Again. Ok, the purple rice may be a drawback. Over 1,5 years ago my mother […]