This recipe is placed with the elobarate recipes in the book and that just hold me back a bit. But that’s totally unfair, since the recipe is made in no time at all. Moreover, if you make it with some of my adjustments. The recipe suggests to use homemade ladyfingers, but I didn’t had any intentions to make my own. Luckily I had some bought ones at home. The suggested […]

This salad (page 206 La Tartine Gourmande) was on my to-cook list for a long time, but it was clear I had to be lucky to have all the ingredients at home at one time. Normally mesclun salad, melon, cherry tomatoes and prosciutto together are not in our fridge. But finally I had all things at home, although I replaced the rasperries with blackberries. As I used yellow cherry tomatoes […]

It’s summer and the cookbook is an invite to cook a lot of recipes from it. Moreover I still love the photographs in the book, which makes my mouth water everytime and are a hugh rolemodel. This time we had the potato salad with peas, radishes and quail eggs from page 100. I needed to make this just because we got some quail eggs from our farmer and I used […]

Yay, after a long long pause I’m back with this column! In the meantime Ina gave birth to an adorable babygirl and so we paused the project for some time. Ina is still very busy with her babygirl and tries to get along with us from time to time. In the meantime I’m cooking myself through the book alone. I also benefit from this pause, since I was a bit […]

I had a lot of things going on here, so I didn’t manage to blog this post. So with delay I have two dishes from la Tartine Gourmande, which Ina and I cooked. We made the baked apples (page 234) and the mushroom and potato tart (page 121). Both dishes were delicious, I liked the tart a tiny bit more. But the apples really surprised me, since normally I like […]

Sooo, we’re back with our cook through of Béa’s cookbook La Tartine Gourmande. I was a bit exhausted of this series at the end of last year, since I couldn’t find much in it to cook in winter. I thought. But I flipped through the book again and wrote things out, that are possible to cook now and I ended up with a lot of recipes! So that gave me […]

This time I picked the banana, chocolate and hazelnut muffins from page 260 from Béa’s book La Tartine Gourmande. The muffins were very scumptious, luscious and chocolatey. I didn’t taste any hazelnuts, but that didn’t matter to me. They were best on the first day, very good on the second, but on the third day they were already quite dry. What a pity, since normally cakes and muffins with bananas […]

This time Ina and I made the millet, oat and apple muffins (page 47) from Béa’s book “La Tartine Gourmande”. Unfortunately I didn’t liked them at all. Moreover I was glad I only baked half of them. They taste mainly like quinoa, which is in it, but just a tiny bit. That wouldn’t be a bad thing, but it totally overshadows the other flavours. And although grated apples are added, […]

Due to the new blog and the many posts in the last days, I didn’t manage to blog about this earlier. Ina and I went for pancakes this time. These are flavoured with lemon and poppy seeds. We liked them a lot, and the poppy seed were perfect in these pancakes. The quinoa flour is also a great choice and brings a whole new flavour to shine. The only negative […]

This time Ina and I chose the oefs en cocotte from page 48. Oefs en cocotte are eggs baked in a water bath in the oven. In this case leeks, spinach and smoked salmon are added to the dish. Of course you could also add other ingredients you prefer. I wanted to make these eggs a long time ago and now I finally had the chance to. I thought I […]

Ina and I are back, after some vacation and some internet issues. As it’s now officially autumn, we chose a cake with chocolate and plums. We liked the cake a lot! It would be even better, if you use more plums, than stated in the recipe (which are only 2). A really good cake, topped with delicious plums. There’s nothing more to say about that cake!

This time Ina chose the apricot tartlets with honey, almonds and olive oil from page 243. I didn’t get any apricots in the last weeks on the farmers market, so I decided to make these tartlets with peaches instead. I also didn’t make the lemon-flavoured olive oil crust, which I’m sure fits perfectly with that recipe, it’s just that I had a lot of leftover dough from a previous baking […]