You might already heard of the phrase one pot pasta. Either positive or negative. I always wanted to try it, since I saw it the first time on the blog of Lottie and Doof. Unexplicably, I’ve never managed to try it. Over the winter I wasn’t eager to cook at all. But something warm to eat every now and then would be nice. And then the new book One Pot […]

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Every summer the same thing happens: “what marinade should I use for the meat?”. Very rarely I buy already marinated steaks at the butcher, because the choice is very small and boring. And homemade is always better! You find recipes for marinades here and there, but even books for grilling are not a large source for recipes. Mostly you’ll find the typical marinades like “provencal”, “italian” or “bbq” in there. […]

It’s summer and the ice machine is churning. Since last summer I tried a lot of recipe from Eis – Eiscreme, Sorbet, Granité, Eis am Stiel, Eistorten und Parfaits hausgemacht*. This book by Elisabeth Johansson from the AT Verlag has a lot of interesting recipes and beautiful food photos! In spring I already introduced you to the delicious chocolate ice pops with hazelnuts and chocolate glaze. And we already tasted piña […]

The perfect book for my me and my blog! In the end it’s my greatest wish and my everyday attempt to make the most of my food at home. Gutes Essen – Lebensmittel selber machen* by Stiftung Warentest (book is only available in German) is providing exactly the right recipes for this purpose. Bettina Snowdon and Martina Lagoda not only provide a lot of recpes, but also basic knowledge about […]

End of last year Donna Hays new book “The New Classics” was published. Normally her books are large and softcover, but this one is thick, heavy and a hardcover. I was very surprised as I hold it in my hands for the first time. You might have thought why on earth someone needs another book about classics. Well, not necessarily, but Donna has a very good approach and combines classics […]

Nicole Stichs new cookbook called Reisehunger* (lust for traveling) is out since February! First I was a bit sceptical as I had it in my hands first, but as I looked at so many delicious recipes I was blown away! Mostly my own lust for traveling seduces me to like this book ;). I’m also that kind of woman who links vacations with culinary reminiscences. The first and best chai […]

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Every year I talk about my cookbook tips of the year (2013, 2012). It’s time again and maybe you’ll find a gift for you or for you beloved ones amongst my tips! It was a good year for cookbooks it seems to me. I had a lot in my hands and there are still a few on my wish list. I canceled some of them after flipping through them in […]

Erin Gleeson blogs on her blog The Forest Feast about food and drinks which she creates in her beautiful cottage in the californian woods. Also she loves to throw a party for her friends! For Erin it’s very important to appeal the eye with her food and so she creates real art with her wonderful water colour drawings. Which was the main reason I wanted her new cookbook The Forest Feast. […]

Autumn is here and therefore it’s time again to cuddle up, drink warm tea and cook with pumpkins, apples, pears and quinces! In summer I avoid chocolate because of the heat, but now it’s time again to make delicious stuff with chocolate. So I recommend you a blanket, a good book, a warm cup of tea and a slice of this scrumptious creamy chocolate tart. I discovered this recipe in […]

The Wald- und Wiesen-Kochbuch by GU provides recipes for cooking with wild herbs, fruit or mushrooms. Also it contains some hints and tips for collecting them. Every season some wild groceries are selected, which are then highlighted. Some with pictures, others just with recipes. I was thrilled when first browsing through the pages! This book totally suits my taste. I love the design and the great natural photos! But also […]