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I am the first to shout “here”, if there’s mexican food involved. I love tortillas, quesadillas, tacos and co! For this delicious “fingerfood” I reduced the beans in a smoky spicy tomato sauce. On a bed of lettuce the beans will melt the cheese and are topped with sweet, sour and creamy avocado. It is a dream! If you have tortillas at home it is so easy to whip a […]

This is my perfect comfort food! I love every detail  in this dish: the lentils, the cabanossi (feel free to omit these for a vegetarian version, it’s still great then) and roasted beetroots, which is the best way to make them. Refined with a decent portion of red wine, pureed tomatoes, carrot and celeriac, oregano, smoked paprika (a great ingredients, because it gives dishes an extraordinary taste) and chilli. Beluga […]