Overnight oats are on everyone’s lips right now. But I am not a fan of soaked oatmeal. But there is more than oats to soak overnight! Because it is just great to have a nourishing breakfast on the next day I tried some stuff. So bulgur works perfectly and tastes delicious! The bulgur can be soaked in a liquid of your joice. I tried fruit juice, but didn’t like it […]

After making my own wheat flour tortillas I wanted to make corn tortillas, of course. After a bit of research it turned out more difficult than expected, because you nead a special flour, called masa harina. Masa harina is a special treated corn flour which is nixtamalizated. Nix-ta-what? Nixtamalization is a traditonal Mexican process, which is already used since 1500 BC and improves the baking properties, inhances the flavour of […]

Some time ago I told you that I love to have breakfast. Just, I don’t have time for that. I want to sleep instead. At least in the week. So mostly I eat a yogurt at work and that’s it. That’s ok, but not the best. And because I’m a bit fastidious demanding about yogurt (don’t buy the big brands, no fruit pieces, no softened granola, no artifical flavours, so […]

Before you close the blog, because of the word “porridge”: take a moment, because this one is really delicious and has nothing in common with oat porridge! And who can say no to caramelized bananas and roasted pecans? You see? No one! And if you dislike bananas and/or pecans you can also use some other fruit and/or nuts you like. It’s just a suggestion (admittetely a very good one!)!  All […]

 Thanks to my favourite aunt, who gifted me a voucher for Christmas, I was able to buy a bunch of cookbooks last week. And in between that bunch was that little gem: Red Velvet Chocolate Heartache by Harry Eastwood. I read a review about this book and I was immediately hooked. Great thing about the book is that the author (who is a woman indeed) substitutes butter, flour and sugar […]

I have a Thai cookbook, that accompanies me already some years and I love it ever since. Everything in there is delicious and easy to cook! It’s an all-time favourite. There I spotted the recipe for the purple rice pudding. Years ago, too, of course. But I’ve never made it, although it’s easy and delicious. Again. Ok, the purple rice may be a drawback. Over 1,5 years ago my mother […]

  Just another comfort food. Just another perfect summer dish. Just a perfect snack. Just a perfect everyday dish. Just a perfect picnic dish. Just a perfect side dish for grilling. Just so many options for eating this wonderful, delicious and easy salad. It hasn’t deserved the word salad. I mean salad is something, that involves some lousy leaves of some green plant. It’s something, that doesn’t saturate. Attributes that […]

Since I was in Spain as a child ( to be more precise in Andalucía), I was craving for the arroz con leche I ate there. It has to be cold or be at room temperature and should be creamy or even slightly fluid. Not that mush you are getting here. Also it has to have this delightful taste of cinnamon. I was looking for the recipe a very long […]

Feeling like spring is coming over. Unfortunately winter in Germany is not thinking the same. We had a lot of problems with the masses of snow in Germany, up to the icebound island of Hiddensee. I’m sick of winter and snow and the cold! Since I cannot do anything about that, I make myself a little bit warmer with food feeling like spring. Less meat, more vegetables. And I’m juggling […]

Happy new year everybody! Thank you for your visits and supports in my first months of blogging! I’m always afraid and happy, when I read your comments. I’m always pleased to return the favour and visit your blogs! Some of them have already found their way in my daily reading list. I hope you enjoyed my new blog last year. I will do my very best this year, too. I […]