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You might already noticed that I love cocktails! But there is no need to go in a bar for that purpose. You can easily end a day at home with a homemade cocktail without any magic involved. But with time and experience and curiosity you need more ingredients. Creme de cacao is one of those ingredients, which aren’t easy to come by and than it’s an obscure mixture of alcohol, […]

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You might think that you have easier access to unprocessed groceries, than in the cities. But no. Just no. Because more citizens in a city appreciate regional food, possibly even organic much more. It just doesn’t matter to the people here. They just go to Kaufland and that’s it. The only thing, which is easy to come by is milk. Raw milk from an organic Bioland farm even. I hadn’t […]

[Advertisment] Cold november evenings are made for sitting on the couch watching series, reading a book or knitting along. Warm november afternoons are best spend on the balcony with the face in the sun. A warm drink is the best company for both. November with its last golden sun rays calls for the golden warm bourbon. I pack the bourbon in a warm hot toddy to prevent being cold. To […]

Dani of  flowers on my plate blogged about kvass recently and I was instantly hooked. A homemade fermented lemonade with fruit? Sounds bizarre and exciting! When I was picking blackberries I put a litre together in an instant. 2 days I looked at the bottle with doubt. Then I tasted the lemonade and fell in love! A hint of sourness, a bit of sparkle, fruity, a tiny bit sweetness, refreshing and oh […]

I already wrote that I have so many ideas what to to with the chai spice I mixed. One of these is this homemade chai almond milk, of which everythings is homemade, including the almond milk! I just didn’t grow the almonds ;). Nut milks are one of these hipster milk alternatives, which you can see everywhere these days, especially in all those hip hipster cafés with fair and hand […]

As you might noticed before I like cocktails. In my opinion this years trend is bourbon and gin and for me the cocktail of the year is the julep! A julep isn’t a just a julep. It should be something extraordinary, too, so I created this pineapple julep with mint sugar! So delicious! I think pineapple is just the perfect juice for cocktails and mint is such a great herb, […]

On schedule for summer time and handy for the heat I made you a cocktail. As you might recognize there might be some similarities with the old hugo due to its name. The similarity is elder. But that’s already it, since the grand hugo needs elderberry syrup (elderberry juice is ok as well). Some time ago I got a sample package with different elder drinks. I was really impressed with […]

Recently I gave you the recipe for the coffee liquor. Did you already tried it? Do you like it as much as we do? You can use the liquor for pouring over ice cream and desserts or in cakes and tartes, but the most obvious choice is a cocktail. These two cocktails are our favorites, when it comes to coffee liquor. You need a “special ingredient” for the Jamaican Hop […]

Sometime it just had to be said: We are huge cocktail lovers and drinkers! We like to sit in a bar for that reason, but beyond happy hour it’s just too expensive for some juice and a shot of booze. So we like to mix them ourselves. Few books about drinks and cocktails are sitting on my shelves between my cookbooks. But for mixing cocktails you need some main ingredients […]

Actually I wanted you to offer something, that is not sweet again. But the sweet things are so delicious at the moment. And than I made this rhubarb syrup. Just this weekend. And it’s that good, I have to blog it now. The syrup is that darn good. I tried rhubarb syrup already last year, but it wasn’t delicious at all. But this one is. Definitely. I also think this […]