Marisa writes about this recipe that you want to put these onions on everything as soon as you have them in you pantry. And she is totally right! Caramelized red onions are the best, anyway. And if they are available anytime then, well. I already discovered a lot of great possibilites to use the relish and I will soon introduce you to more over-the-moon homemade pantry-staples, which you should always […]

Coming back from the Christmas break I wish you health, a lot of joy, success with your projects and of course a lot of great meals this year! These delicious sandwiches already fit in the last category. I adapted the recipe from Smitten Kitchen’s new cookbook, it was love at first bite! As a devoted fan of Deb’s blog this book convinced me truly and I already made some scrumptious […]

Time flies by. And in between, we were ill for a whole week. Both. Bah! We ate nearly nothing the whole week. We didn’t need to go to the farmer’s market the weekend after, because it was everything still there from the weekend before. /p>  I have to get rid of those winter vegetables, which are going on my nerves, as well as this whole winter thing. I mean after […]