This brussel sprout purée is a revelation! And before winter is over (hopefully for good!) I show you what you can do with those little beauties! The purée is unbelievable delicious and doesn’t remind at all at brussel sprouts. So if you normally run away when you see sprouts, give that purée a chance! Could be also a good way to sneak sprouts into a childrens diet. Just don’t tell […]

After the gluttony of Christmas and New Years Eve people want to concentrate on healthy, light food. Ok, some people. It’s not that I don’t like salads. I love salads that have a lot of going on in texture and where only little leavy greens are involved. The big problem with salad is that they are cold. Not good for someone like me who is freezing a lot. The good […]

Originally I wanted to post this between Christmas and New Years Eve. But the blog didn’t want to. First there was an error and after installing wordpress new nothing worked anymore. As I’m anything than an expert in stuff like this it took a few days to get things to normal. Now the blog works again, although I’m having some troubles with some mixed up English and German versions (mostly […]

This recipe is from the great book “The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook” by Deb Perelman. It evolved into one of my favourite dishes this winter, which is kind of a wonder, since I really dislike cauliflower! But this pesto makes a dish of the cauliflower, which is not just edible, but quite delicious. What a revelation! Furthermore, this dish is on the table in no time, doesn’t need a ton of […]

Kohlrabi is not quite my favourite vegetable. It just taste tastes too much like cabbage to me, but has quite a fantastic texture. Quite difficult. As a child I loved to snack it raw and I can’t remember that cabbagy taste. Really strange! After the original plants on our field were eaten by flea beetles, we planted new ones nonetheless. I confess, it was all about the colour! But I […]

This is a heart warming dish, that I like to make again every year. It’s not the traditional way to make red cabbage, but as the available seasonal food in autumn/winter is limited new recipes are welcome. I’m always looking for new recipes with cabbage, no matter if it’s with red, white, pointed or savoy cabbage. This one surprises with the fruity flavour of the oranges – added in juice […]