Oldie, but goldie! I’m baking these waffles for many years now and every time I’m so happy when I make them! Even while writing these words my mouth is watering. The waffles are super delicious for dinner. Yes, I make waffles for dinner! Of course, you can also eat them for breakfast. And lunch! They are perfect every time of day. Due to the potatoes the waffles are very luscious, […]

We are indeed huge lovers of waffles, pancakes, crêpes or similar deliciousness for breakfast. For a long time I was searching for the perfect waffle recipe. Cause there are a lot! Waffles have to be luscious and mellow, not dry, not too thick, not too stuffing. It’s not easy finding the perfect recipe. But here it is! These waffles are velvety, without being too soft and so luscious. They are […]