In September I was invited by the Californian Walnuts to Stuttgart. Heiko Antoniewicz was also there and baked with walnuts. But I just had to read Heikos name and I was in! Which was a very good decision! I didn’t know what to expect, but for sure not that we had to bake ourselves. Fooled I was! The walnuts planned a “little” baking challenge. Uh,uh! To be creative in an […]

Recently I visited the second Foodlbloggerbarcamp with 80 other food bloggers in Berlin! I was excited as I have never been to a barcamp before and also the idea was quite new to me. Of course, it is always a pleasure to get to know the virtual contacts in reality! At a barcamp knowledge is passend on the participants from the participants in 45 minutes sessions. Topics are created very spontaneously […]

Originally I wanted to submit another pesto to Peggys Event Rapsölution. But how it happens, my idea didn’t work on the foreevening of the event, of course. Moreover my Nikon striked. Doesn’t go well these days. But I always have some posts waiting in line and I noticed that I still have the perfect recipe. Lucky me! So I’m now submitting this awesome pesto made of carrot tops and pumpkins […]

The last part with the last few hours of the second day of the blogger event in Frankfurt. The day should have began with sports. Should have! Since (luckily) I wasn’t allowed to do any sports at this time, otherwise I would have weaseled out of it, since my mantra is ever since: “say no to sports!” ;). I had an excuse, but only Torsten made it to sports in […]

You had to wait 1 month to read the second part! Christmas posts made in the way and I also made a 2 week rest on the blog over Christmas and New Years Eve. The first part of my experiences on the Sheraton Blogger Event ended with a Segway Tour. You can’t remember that or you didn’t even read it? Then you can read about it here: Sheraton Blogger Event […]