Few days ago I was suprised as I received an email from dm, that I could fetch my Leckerbissen Box. I didn’t expected that, since I thought I’ll receive the next box in January. Again I hoped for a Christmas box… but again (unfortunately) not. Nonetheless this is my favourite box so far. That’s because, it’s all about chocolate and sweet treats. Besides chocolate it contained nuts and berries covered […]

This month’s box was filled with Asian deliciousness. Unfortunately not a Christmas box, but nonetheless I’m thrilled! As far as I know most of the products are new. The box is in chime and the products match. I’m very happy about the ghee and the curry paste. I won’t buy the ghee, because I’m a huge user of clarified butter and for me there’s not a huge difference (just the […]

Today I picked up my dm Leckerbissen box. Some of you might ask what this is and why someone needs to have it. A while ago you could order a subscription of these boxes at dm (a German drugstore chain). They were limited to 2500 and after a short time out of stock. One subscription lasts 3 months, so you get 3 boxes. For 5 Euro per box you get […]