No time and you are not up to cooking? Hey, I get you! But a balanced diet is everything, right? These harissa carrots with fresh goats cheese, poached egg and lettuce on buttered toast is so easy and quick to whip together! And it’s just delish! Especially this combination of all the ingredients yields in a perfect mixture of aromas and textures. This dish is also great for using up […]

Recently I like to bake rolls with a cold overnight proofing in the fridge, so that we have fresh rolls on the weekend. The rolls from the bakery are always the same so we yearned for something else and also baking your own rolls is much cheaper, especially if you like some fancier rolls. These rustic rolls are substantial, but still fluffy. With a part rye flour they are perfect […]

Originally I wanted to post this between Christmas and New Years Eve. But the blog didn’t want to. First there was an error and after installing wordpress new nothing worked anymore. As I’m anything than an expert in stuff like this it took a few days to get things to normal. Now the blog works again, although I’m having some troubles with some mixed up English and German versions (mostly […]