Was habe ich 2018 herbei gesehnt! Denn dieses Jahr bringt so viele tolle neue Ereignisse mit sich, dass ich mit großer Vorfreude ins neue Jahr blicke: Im Frühjahr erwarten wir unser erstes Baby und wir könnten nicht glücklicher sein! Ich wollte schon immer Kinder und dieses Baby war ein echter Herzenswunsch ❤️. Dieser Blog ist inzwischen nicht nur mehr ein Foodblog, sondern auch ein Nachhaltigkeits- und Reiseblog. Und auch über […]

As promised, here’s the link to the German article in the Stuttgarter Zeitung about local food bloggers: Männer kochen anders – Frauen auch

I already posted it on facebook and twitter, but I know a lot of you don’t follow me there 😉 and since newspapers are only available for one day… Tomorrow I’ll be featured in the Stuttgarter Zeitung along with somer other local food bloggers. So if you are located in Stuttgart you can read about me and my blog in it! The article should also be available online. As soon […]

As the blog is now divided in English and German, I had to generate two feeds. The old feed is now only in German! If you are English-speaking please subscribe to the other feed, which is only in English. Therefore click the button on the left marked with en and choose your options. The old feed can then be deleted. In the future you will only get the English feed […]

Two great things happened today! Number 1: the new blog, wow it’s finally done and presentable. Some things don’t work right, yet and some things were a bit messy (sorry for delivering old posts, as we changed the feed). But all things considered, this was totally worth it! The handyman boyfriend was always working on the blog, since without him this blog wouldn’t have been possible with all these technical […]

Tomorrow my new blog is going online! Yeah! In the future you’ll find me on http://coconutandvanilla.com , http://coconutandvanilla.de and via redirection the old blogspot-address. If you have set a bookmark to my blog, please change the address. I can’t take over Google Friend Connect, since WordPress isn’t working with it. So I would be very happy, if you change to the feed, Facebook or the blog-following-service Bloglovin’. I’ll also update […]

Steph from the kleinen Kuriositätenladen called to show her our kitchens. I love to peek in peoples homes or better the kitchen. And who likes to peek , does have to let peek, too.   The kitchen is the most beautiful room in the apartement. I’m not just saying that, because I like to stand in the kitchen, it really is! Almost 2 years ago, as we moved in, there […]

 Google is going to shut down Google Friend Connect. As a consequence I will remove the feature in the sidebar in the upcoming week. Update: This wasn’t correct. Google Friend Connect is just available anymore for users of the Google-owned platform Blogspot. Therefore I’ve decided to put the feature up again (some of you asked for it, too). You find it again in the side bar like before. But there […]

Happy new year to all of you my beloved readers! Tomorrow we will fly to Saigon, where we will begin our 6 week journey through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. If you have any tips where to go or to eat in south Vietnam (especially around Saigon), Siem Reap in Cambodia and Thailand (Bangkok, Erawan, Kanchanburi, Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Khao Lak, Ko Pha Ngan, Ko Phayam, Phang Na) let […]