This easy fluffy cheesecake with strawberries and elderflower syrup is a wonderful summer refreshment when it is hot! I prefer to bake the bottom shortly, but when it is too hot for turning on the oven, you can also skip that part and you can make a whole no-bake cheesecake. Amazing, isn’t it! You only need some tasty strawberries and some elderflower syrup. Later in summer you could also use […]

Now it’s elderflower time again. For sure, I won’t miss it! We already were busy in picking the flowers. In our area a lot of elder bushes are growing, especially on the way to our field. Unfortunately a lot of them are right beside the street. At least since Hugo everyone knows elderflower syrup, but jelly isn’t so popular yet. But that’s how you get the flowers right onto your […]

These beauties are my latest experiments.   This is the first time I’ve mixed them up. But I’m sure,  they will turn out great. Because how shouldn’t liquor, oil and vinegar with these ingredients turn out great?! I’ve made liquor before. With elderflower or peaches. I made the elderflower one this year again. It’s perfect. So if you can still lay you hands on elderflowers, pick them immediately and make […]