Maccharoni and cheese are like sea and salt, fish and chips or potato dumplings with sauce. A perfect pair, which belongs together. And like dumplings with sauce this is true soulfood! I wanted to give you this recipe for such a long time, but I never managed to take a good photo. This meal is so easy and you only need simple ingredients that are mostly at home after all. […]

Today I’m presenting a true classic on the blog: an italian lasagne with minced beef!  Lasagne is real soulfood, but you need some time for the preparation. Today I’m showing you my version of a lasagne with minced beef and béchamel sauce. Basically it is possible to make a lasagne from everything, so you can also make a lot of vegetarian versions and get creative about that! But every now […]

Finally it’s time again for quiche! It’s a potato quiche with wild garlic, to be precise with wild garlic pesto. I’ve already seen and baked this quiche last year, but I blogged not 1,2, but 3 rcipes with wild garlic, then the season was over! And so I blog about it today! I can always enjoy some quiche, they are so delightful: crispy dough filled with delicious vegetables and topped […]

Until recently we also had spinach on our field. Well, spinach. We like you, but we don’t know what to do with you really. Just as a side dish, that’s not our thing. Something has to happen with the spinach. First thing that comes to my mind are cannelloni with the famous spinach-ricotta-filling. Theoretically it’s possible to cook without a recipe, but I like to have some approximate quantities at […]

 I promised to blog this recipe this week, yet, as the picture itself evoked already excitement on Facebook. But it was awesome! The recipe is from Jamie Oliver. Of course I altered the recipe here and there. I served the bread as a side dish for the first barbecue this season. And actually it was quite the best food that evening ;). The bread dough is delicious, although I didn’t […]

We had this wonderful dish for a simple late lunch last friday. It’s easy and not time-consuming.   Since it was Friday we hadn’t much vegetables at home, anymore. Just one fennel. So I combined it with the idea of a potato gratin. As an accompaniment eggs suited just fine. And lately I began with making poached eggs. I’m not a huge fan off eggs, as  in form of fried, […]