Yay, after a long long pause I’m back with this column! In the meantime Ina gave birth to an adorable babygirl and so we paused the project for some time. Ina is still very busy with her babygirl and tries to get along with us from time to time. In the meantime I’m cooking myself through the book alone. I also benefit from this pause, since I was a bit […]

This pizza is THE summer dish for me! Maybe it sounds weird to put fruit on pizza (pineapple’s not counting), this combination of nectarines, mozzarella, reduced balsamico and fresh basil and mint is oh so delicious and pairs up perfectly! For all of you pizza lovers – as we are, too – it’s a must! So go ahead, buy the last nectarines of the season (peaches would work too, but […]

This recipe is on my blog list for a few weeks already, but since there are still a lot of beans in the garden it’s still in time! I really love green beans, but I’m still pondering what to do with them than the normal green bean dishes and green bean salad. The internet isn’t much help either since recipes with green beans don’t vary that much. In Simon Bryants […]

tomatoes, peaches, apricots, eggplants and onions

Today I have a some pictures of our garden in july. the first tomatoes beautiful flowers a lot of lettuce purple kohlrabi there will be a lot of corn Yeah, the fava beans made it and are ripe for harvesting! No zucchini, yet. squash two of our harvests in july As you see we had a lot of beans and swiss chard this year (and still have). Since the end […]

Our field produces a lot of veggies these days. Especially Swiss chard and green beans are big hits and since recently we also have a lot of zucchini, of course! A few days ago I was also able to harvest the first yellow tomatoes! Swiss chard ist very versatile and can be turned in a lot of great dishes! I already introduced you to two dishes including Swiss chard, but […]