Thursday, 28th March 2013

Watercress desperately in need was my theme for the last years! But since last week there’s one market stand that sells watercress and also grows it. I’m thrilled! I also noticed that the lettuce varieties on our market has increased. You can now also buy leaf lettuce, 3 years ago this was not possible.

You might not notice that spring is approaching, because of the freezing temperatures (and the snow!), but the days are increasing in length and therefore you can already buy the first lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes from Germany. Of course, they are grown in the greenhouses and I won’t buy any tomatoes (which are very pricey and probably not as tasty as in summer), but it’s nice to watch the increasing richness.


Of course, I had to buy some watercress the moment it caught my eye! The first time there was only a tiny rest and we put it in a salad, the second time there was more (I told the farmer immediately about my enthusiasm for watercress, after all I had to take care that he will continue growing it!). When I think of watercress I think of soup every time. I don’t know even why. The watercress has a nice delicate flavour and develops a pleasant spiciness in the after taste. So you can almost spare the seasoning with pepper.

This light soup is perfect for spring and will get you in the right mood for it!


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  1. Tabea says:

    Wooooo kaufst du die??? Ich suche ebenfalls verzweifelt danach, habe schon alles mögliche probiert daran zu kommen!!

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