Friday, 8th June 2012

Finally we come to the sweet recipes in the book. There are a lot, and all of them are gluten free. According to the season Ina and I made the apple, rhubarb and strawberry nutty crumble from page 246. I baked it gluten free with the listed ingredients. After all I want to know, if the dishes can be prepared as the book claims and if they are tasty. Besides, it’s fascinating to work with gluten free flours. Therefore I do not work with mixtures, but I’m mixing my own like Béa does herself.

My boyfriend loved the crumble. I didn’t like something in the fruit mixture that much. I think the apple didn’t had to make an appearance here. But don’t get me wrong: it was good! The streusel were perfect, especially with the nuts. And for me the streusel are the most important thing in a crumble, because the fruit just varies over the season.

Apple, rhubarb and strawberry nutty crumble

Categories: la tartine gourmand

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  1. Nysa says:

    habs noch nie gemacht und jedes mal kommts auf die to do liste 🙂

  2. Ina says:

    Also ich fand den Apfel passend – hatte aber auch eine feste, eher säuerliche Sorte genommen – aber ich esse Apfel ja mit Vorliebe überwiegend gegart und/oder ohne Schale, sonst kratzt es im Hals …

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