Friday, 24th February 2012

Cream Cheese Balls with Herbs and Walnuts
One of the first thoughts I had, when we where back home after our vacation was: ” what is a good gift for our neighbours for sitting our apartment and caring for our plants for 6 weeks”. Something home made of course. Since I’m in possession of Nicole Stich’s fabulous book Geschenkideen aus der Küche (yet, only in German) this question is much more easy to answer. So after a brief look into the book it was clear: cookies (but the highly recommended ones from the NY Times), chocolate granola, home made ciabatta and these cream cheese balls.
Cream Cheese Balls with Herbs and Walnuts
These cream cheese balls are very delicate, especially after mixing in some (frozen) herbs and rolling them in chopped walnuts. Like this, they are a real delight. The cream cheese balls are made of Greek or Turkish yogurt containing 10 % fat, which is drained. The whole process takes some time, but is very easy. The drained yogurt can be mixed with everything you desire, such as herbs and spices and they can be rolled in seeds, chopped nuts or even chopped dried fruit. This way you get individual cream cheese balls, that are perfect as a gift or will impress your friends at your next brunch.
Cream Cheese Balls with Herbs and Walnuts
Cream Cheese Balls with Herbs and Walnuts


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  1. Sarah-Maria says:

    Mjami! Das klingt echt lecker und sieht köstlich aus….. Danke für das Rezept! 🙂

    Mit einem lieben Gruß,
    Sarah Maria

  2. Sieht toll aus!
    Werd ich bei nächster Gelegenheit ausprobieren, vielen dank fürs Rezept!

    Liebste grüße,