Madeleines are a delicate thing. I love them and they are super easy to bake. Also they are delicious. But mostly only on the day they are baked, maybe the day after. After that they are dry, hard, just not delicious anymore. But my baked goods should last for a few days. That are just my expectations. I’m not baking things for only one day (except guests are expected). I […]

Tarte flambée is on everyone’s lips these days. I see it everywhere and everyone longs for it. As I baked mine, the reactions were: ” Oh, I want this, too. Now.” And there’s nothing to be said against it, because it’s more than simple. Probably my tarte flambée shouldn’t be called tarte flambée anymore, because I topped it additionally with cheese. That’s more than uncommon. And has nothing to do […]

    Recently there were some discussions in the German bloggersphere about where to buy food. Where to get the best, local, in season food. Astrid from Arthurs Tochter created a site on her blog, where she’s collecting all the tips from bloggers in Germany. I love that idea, since I’m also constantly looking for the best places to shop my food. I prefer it local. If it’s flour, vegetables […]