Tuesday, 17th August 2010

One year ago I started this blog!

I’m glad that I took this step. And I’m proud how it developed. It’s more than I’ve ever thought it would be or I would have here. I want to thank everyone, who directed some kind words about it at me – here in the comments or just before the screen. I want to thank YOU for your visits!

Coconut Panna Cotta

In the last weeks I started to integrate some new features on the blog, like a Facebook page and even Twitter. Yeah, you’ve read right, Coconut & Vanilla has it’s own Facebook page! I would be pleased, if you jump over and become a fan. And if you want to know what I’m doing in the kitchen in between my blog posts, you can now follow me on Twitter and look over my shoulder.

Coconut Panna Cotta

Furthermore, with some help I invented a new blog design! It now looks fresher, cleaner and more personal. I hope you like it! I love it! We found those wonderful tomatoes, which you can see on my new banner, on the market in our area.

We bought them at my favourite stall, which sells fruit, vegetables and flowers they’ve grown by themselves. Last Saturday we bought there the most beautiful flower bouquet I’ve ever seen! I love to meander through the stalls and look at all the beautiful vegetables, flowers, fruit, cheese, bread, meat, olives, marinated sheep milk cheese… just everything you need. It’s the perfect beginning of the weekend and you get almost everything you need for the week.

Coconut Panna Cotta

One year ago, as I started this whole thing I was wondering how I should name it. And that’s not so easy, since there are a lot of blogs out there. But it didn’t took me long… One of my favourite desserts is panna cotta. And Coconut Panna Cotta is the one I love the most! I like the taste of the coconut milk pairing with the vanilla. I like to bite on that tiny bits of vanilla seeds. I like how it sounds. So why not name it like a favourite dessert? And that is how it came that my blogs name is Coconut & Vanilla. For this occasion I want to share my very own recipe of it with you.

Coconut Panna Cotta

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! 1 Year und so viele tolle Rezepte und Fotos (die immer besser werden – freu mich schon auf den Kalender – die Auswahl faellt immer schwerer!)
    Neuer Internetauftritt – neue Frisur…….
    Bin stolz – Ma

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    I've just discovered your beautiful blog! The pictures are awesome! I will definitely be visiting often 🙂

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