Overnight oats are on everyone’s lips right now. But I am not a fan of soaked oatmeal. But there is more than oats to soak overnight! Because it is just great to have a nourishing breakfast on the next day I tried some stuff. So bulgur works perfectly and tastes delicious! The bulgur can be soaked in a liquid of your joice. I tried fruit juice, but didn’t like it […]

Fats and oils do not sound very attractive, right? But without fats taste is limited and you need fats for some vitamins to be taken in from the body. Clarified butter My number one fat! I am THE largest supporter of clarified butter! My grandma always did say, that the food will be only really good, if you use clarified butter. And she was right! I am making my clarified […]

We rented a car starting from Bangkok and went first into the west and then into the north. I was not keen on driving (Thailand! and then the wrong side of the road), but my boyfriend mastered it without any problems. He even took the city autobahn in Bangkok! You have to be brave, but also cautious, then it’s not a huge deal. Of course, it was so convenient to […]

You might already heard of the phrase one pot pasta. Either positive or negative. I always wanted to try it, since I saw it the first time on the blog of Lottie and Doof. Unexplicably, I’ve never managed to try it. Over the winter I wasn’t eager to cook at all. But something warm to eat every now and then would be nice. And then the new book One Pot […]

You might already noticed that I love cocktails! But there is no need to go in a bar for that purpose. You can easily end a day at home with a homemade cocktail without any magic involved. But with time and experience and curiosity you need more ingredients. Creme de cacao is one of those ingredients, which aren’t easy to come by and than it’s an obscure mixture of alcohol, […]

This brussel sprout purée is a revelation! And before winter is over (hopefully for good!) I show you what you can do with those little beauties! The purée is unbelievable delicious and doesn’t remind at all at brussel sprouts. So if you normally run away when you see sprouts, give that purée a chance! Could be also a good way to sneak sprouts into a childrens diet. Just don’t tell […]

We make a detour in the west of Thailand and visit the seven-step waterfall of Erawan in the Erawan national park. The waterfalls are that special, because you can not only wander up to the top, but you can also bathe in basins! The water is beautifully turquoise and filled with fish, which nibble on your feet. The sight of the waterfalls is rewarding, if you manage to get up early […]

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There are only a few things that are as essential as a loaf of bread. For me the last home baked bread, made with my own sourdough, is already too long ago. Fate seemed to be against me, killing first not only my first rye sourdough, but also its successors, and soon after that the wheat starter followed as well. So yes. I needed fresh dough. Because self-made bread is […]

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Heute ist Julia von Chestnut & Sage zu Gast, die einen wunderbar einfachen Snack mitgebracht hat, der auch bei absoluter Kopfleere schnell gemacht ist. Chestnut & Sage versprüht eine helle Leichtigkeit die ich total gerne mag. Julia kenne ich außerdem auch persönlich und es ist jedes Mal eine Freude sich mit ihr über Bloggerthemen, aber auch über ganz normale Sachen zu unterhalten. Nicht nur, dass wir auf einer Wellenlänge sind, […]

I’m burned out. I don’t want this, anymore. I dragged this blog along for the past few months. It didn’t make fan, anymore. Although I always thought that the pressure from outside, from other bloggers, wouldn’t impact me, it isn’t quite like that. I am a quite relaxed person, but I persuaded myself that I had to blog once a week! What a rubbish! I lost my inspiration. I lost […]