Advent it is! Time to lighten the first candle and to bake the first Christmas cookies! Time is running especially fast this year, although I already have so many plans what cookies to bake ;). The first ones are these cashew balls. Wow, these are a bummer! The cashew shine so well in these, especially because I roasted them with the method of Heiko Antoniewicz, which I learned at the […]

[Advertisment] Cold november evenings are made for sitting on the couch watching series, reading a book or knitting along. Warm november afternoons are best spend on the balcony with the face in the sun. A warm drink is the best company for both. November with its last golden sun rays calls for the golden warm bourbon. I pack the bourbon in a warm hot toddy to prevent being cold. To […]

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I am a little squirrel, I always have a huge collection of nuts at home. If I would have a garden I would plant a lot of nut trees! I store a lot of them in the freezer, which is not very convenient, if you only have 2,5 drawers. On the other hand they last longer, because they do not turn rancid. Especially more expensive nuts that contain more fat […]

Regularly I long for cake, but we don’t consume much cake in a 2-person household. Also a freshly baked cake tastes much better, then one that gets stale after days on the counter. So I longed for cake and had some eggnog left, so I decided to give cakes in jars finally a try! Now I cannot imagine anything more convenient! Instead of using a large baking pan you use […]

Oldie, but goldie! I’m baking these waffles for many years now and every time I’m so happy when I make them! Even while writing these words my mouth is watering. The waffles are super delicious for dinner. Yes, I make waffles for dinner! Of course, you can also eat them for breakfast. And lunch! They are perfect every time of day. Due to the potatoes the waffles are very luscious, […]

For a very long time I wanted to show you my “kitchen essentials”. My groceries, which I always have on hand. I do not only mean salt. I also tell you which kind of salt I prefer and why. This would be way too much information for one post, therefore I decided on a new series! I start today with the topic of seasoning. This is a very broad topic, […]

I am the first to shout “here”, if there’s mexican food involved. I love tortillas, quesadillas, tacos and co! For this delicious “fingerfood” I reduced the beans in a smoky spicy tomato sauce. On a bed of lettuce the beans will melt the cheese and are topped with sweet, sour and creamy avocado. It is a dream! If you have tortillas at home it is so easy to whip a […]

In September I was invited by the Californian Walnuts to Stuttgart. Heiko Antoniewicz was also there and baked with walnuts. But I just had to read Heikos name and I was in! Which was a very good decision! I didn’t know what to expect, but for sure not that we had to bake ourselves. Fooled I was! The walnuts planned a “little” baking challenge. Uh,uh! To be creative in an […]

I looked for a recipes with green beans and I got some good recommendations on twitter, thank you! Juliane hinted me some blog posts of her, which attracted me immediately. Green beans with pasta, lemon sauce and garlic crumbs! This dish is whipped up in about half an hour and therefore perfect for a quick after work dinner! Nonetheless the pasta looks just delicious. It is also very handy that […]

Don’t you hunger for cookies every now and then? But then baking them immediately is another thing. I have the solution for this problem: this giant cookie is stirred together in a pinch! And don’t tell me you never longed for a huge cookie? This skillet cookie is more like a cookie cake. It tastes like a chocolate chip cookie, but is more mellow in general, but crispy on the […]

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