Recently Snøfrisk approached me and asked, if I would like to create a recipe with fresh goats cheese (Indeed, this is an advertisment!). Of course, i wanted! I’m (fresh) goats cheese addicted! You might already noticed that, because I blogged goats cheese ice cream with strawberry swirls, pizza bianca with swiss chard and goats cheese, pasta with asparagus and fresh goats cheese, potato terrine with goats cheese, basil and pine […]

The lovely links are only available in German, although some of the linked texts are in English. But as you might noticed peaches and nectarines are in season! Perfect to try some of these recipes!

This zucchini salad with sheeps cheese, roasted almond flakes, lemon zest and mint is my discovery of the summer! I like zucchini a lot, but you have to prepare it properly. Roasting zucchini can make things worse. For this salad the zucchini are raw and peeled in long stripes. All ingredients convey a great freshness! The salad is just perfect for hot days and grilling! I took the recipe again […]

Bangkok, I really enjoyed you this time! We decided for a hotel in Chinatown, the Shanghai Mansion, which includes all the typical aspects of Chinatown in the rooms, as well as at the breakfast. It’s quite special, but we found it charming. They had a large buffet which mostly warm asian dishes and american breakfast, as well as an egg station, fruit and a bit of toast. The service was […]

It’s summer and the ice machine is churning. Since last summer I tried a lot of recipe from Eis – Eiscreme, Sorbet, Granité, Eis am Stiel, Eistorten und Parfaits hausgemacht. This book by Elisabeth Johansson from the AT Verlag has a lot of interesting recipes and beautiful food photos! In spring I already introduced you to the delicious chocolate ice pops with hazelnuts and chocolate glaze. And we already tasted piña […]

I have never thought this would happen, but I fell a bit in love with Prague. Maybe a lot. Over my birthday this year I was in Prague for the first time. A 3,5 hour drive is not far for a short trip and quicker and more uncomplicated than to go by plane to London or Paris. Maybe Prague is also quite near to your location? Of course (of course!), […]

Crispy, fluffy rolls and in between a luscious filling? Perfect everyday, right? Like these meatballs subs. Meatball subs are meatballs with tomato sauce in a sandwich roll. To round off the colours and for soothing my conscience I added a few leaves of fresh spinach. Done! To balance the spicyness of the meatballs and the tomato sauce I used chipotle chili flakes, because they are smoked, which tastes divine! If […]

Recently I like to bake rolls with a cold overnight proofing in the fridge, so that we have fresh rolls on the weekend. The rolls from the bakery are always the same so we yearned for something else and also baking your own rolls is much cheaper, especially if you like some fancier rolls. These rustic rolls are substantial, but still fluffy. With a part rye flour they are perfect […]

It’s again time for one of my favourite vegetables: fava beans! Last year I already introduced you to fava beans with a quick pasta dish, today I have a wonderful tart with feta and the favas! Unfortunately I don’t have a garden anymore and so I cannot grow the beans myself, but luckily there’s a farmer on the market who sells this rarety. I do not use dried beans here! […]

This easy fluffy cheesecake with strawberries and elderflower syrup is a wonderful summer refreshment when it is hot! I prefer to bake the bottom shortly, but when it is too hot for turning on the oven, you can also skip that part and you can make a whole no-bake cheesecake. Amazing, isn’t it! You only need some tasty strawberries and some elderflower syrup. Later in summer you could also use […]

I’m sorry the lovely links are only availabe in German. But do mind some ice cream recipes instead?  

I know I told you that the spätzle asparagus salad would be the last asparagus dish for this season, but I changed my mind ;)! As I was on vacation in May I had to indulge in the rest of asparagus season and this lukewarm asparagus salad with nuts and orange is so unbelievable good, that I cannot wait until next year to tell you the recipe! Since ages this […]