It’s time for a small guide to Berlin! In the last half year I visited Berlin two times and ate myself through half of the town! Ok, I admit I have some pertinent neighbourhoods and my favourite one is Prenzlauer Berg. But there are also nice parts of Kreuzberg and I have the most eating destinations there. My list is never ending and keeps on growing, so future visits are […]

The Wald- und Wiesen-Kochbuch by GU provides recipes for cooking with wild herbs, fruit or mushrooms. Also it contains some hints and tips for collecting them. Every season some wild groceries are selected, which are then highlighted. Some with pictures, others just with recipes. I was thrilled when first browsing through the pages! This book totally suits my taste. I love the design and the great natural photos! But also […]

Summer, sunshine, ice cream! It will be especially refreshing with some goats cheese ice cream with strawberry swirls! Goats cheese in ice cream? Yes, that’s possible and taste delicious! The subtle flavour of goats cream cheese harmonizes very well with fruit. Besides strawberry, raspberry or cherry would also be great. According to the season this ice cream can be modified easily. On the photo I used my latest bargain from […]

Today I’m presenting a true classic on the blog: an italian lasagne with minced beef!  Lasagne is real soulfood, but you need some time for the preparation. Today I’m showing you my version of a lasagne with minced beef and béchamel sauce. Basically it is possible to make a lasagne from everything, so you can also make a lot of vegetarian versions and get creative about that! But every now […]

This pasta with green asparagus, fresh goats cheese and lemon is my favourite dish these days! It’s prepared super quick and I’m a sucker for asparagus and goats cheese! The combination of both is divine in any way! Buy asparagus as long as it is still in season, in that case you’ll always have an emergency dinner at home! Besides green asparagus I’m a lover of goats cheese! It’s a […]

Gifts from the kitchen is a book theme I always love! Therefore I was immediately hooked as I saw the new book by Kosmos and then I noticed it was written by Regine Stroner! Regine Stroner already wrote two of my favourite cookbooks: Backen für Weihnachten and Bald ist Weihnachten The year before last year a “sequel” to Bald ist Weihnachten was published: Wünsch Dir was!: Geschenke aus der Weihnachtsküche. For me there were not […]

Today I want to introduce you to Restlos!: Clever kochen mit Resten (Completely: Cooking clever with leftovers) by Hildegard Möller from the Kosmos publishing house! The book is about using leftovers from vegetables, fruit, fish or meat. I love the idea! People are throwing way too much groceries away, which are still good, just because they don’t know what to do with the leftovers or because they bought too much in the […]

Rhubarb jelly was a true discovery for me last year and since then I cannot imagine my jam pantry without it. I prefer mostly jams, which feature the main flavour of the fruit and not ones that are mixed with five other fruits and ingredients. I want to taste every ingredients and assign it properly. Therefore I do not favour four-berry-jams and stuff like that. Rarely there is a combination […]