Finally it’s time again for quiche! It’s a potato quiche with wild garlic, to be precise with wild garlic pesto. I’ve already seen and baked this quiche last year, but I blogged not 1,2, but 3 rcipes with wild garlic, then the season was over! And so I blog about it today! I can always enjoy some quiche, they are so delightful: crispy dough filled with delicious vegetables and topped […]

I love the messengers of spring time: wild garlic, asparagus, rhubarb and strawberries! It’s easy to make a lot of delicious treats of wild garlic, but the essence is best to enjoy with wild garlic pesto or some scrumptious wild garlic butter! Today we make pesto and in no time you have an amazing pasta dish on the dinner table which tastes like spring! A more eloborate dish which is […]

Before you close the blog, because of the word “porridge”: take a moment, because this one is really delicious and has nothing in common with oat porridge! And who can say no to caramelized bananas and roasted pecans? You see? No one! And if you dislike bananas and/or pecans you can also use some other fruit and/or nuts you like. It’s just a suggestion (admittetely a very good one!)!  All […]

Mostly I use clarified butter for cooking and roasting. My grandmother gave me the good advice to use only clarified butter for cooking. And she cooked really great, she knew what she was talking of! I also love the taste of butter without burning it. I like cooking with clarified butter much better than with sunflower or olive oil. Not just because I think it’s easier to use, but also […]

Normally I don’t like that full chocolate cookies. But this recipe just intrigued me and since then I made these double chocolate chip cookies a lot! So it’s really time that I share them with you! These cookies are just right: crisp from the outside, slightly soft inside. They are full of chocolate, but they are not on the heavy side, although they are doubled in chocolate with cocoa powder […]

I just told you about my cookbook recommendations of last year. But I’ve already seen so many interesting cookbooks, that will be published in the next few months, I don’t want to hold that back. So here’s my cookbook preview for 2014.   Selbst gemacht & mitgebracht (eng: Homemade and brought along)- Regine Stroner I can’t go by books with this topic and Reginje Stroner is a guaranty for a great […]

Last September I made another day trip in the Swabian Jura with Ina from Feinschmeckerle. We agreed in no time about our destinations we had to visit. So our way led us to my new favourite shop”Lieblingsstück” in Eningen, to the butcher Metzgerei Allmendinger in Sonnenbühl and to the Lorettohof in Zwiefalten. We also visited the Hohensteiner Albkäserei to buy again some cheese and took a look at the buffalos on the pasture (and the buffalo […]

Another step in the basic series today: vegetable broth! After I already showed you to cook game stock and beef stock, we are making vegetable broth today, which I use the most. I have now 5 kinds of stock in my pantry. The latest addition is duck stock, because I had some duck carcases leftover and they needed to be used up ;). I’m curious how it will taste. Are […]