I’m sorrry, my lovely links are only available in German. Can I cheer you up with some cake instead?

I love alsace! It offers a great landscape and a lot to see. Also the wine is just my taste! The north around Straßbourg is more a beer area, near Colmar it’s again wine. I recommend to take a seat at a nice spot and sip a glass of Crèmant. In Straßbourg you’ll order a beer from a local brewery or a Panaché (beer and lemonade). It’ good to know, […]

Mornings begin with a cup of chai tea. At home loose tea. Just recently I discovered the perfect organic chai tea, which costs twice as much as the normal one, but therefore there are no flavours in it and it taste sensationell! At work I use tea bags, I prefer the chai by Yogi and Alnatura. Here organic is a must, since others only taste gruesome artifical. As chai tastes […]

You have some carrots left from making the awesome carrot top pesto? Then this is the right dish to use them: oat porridge with carrots, coconut and orange! At the weekends I love to have a rich and cosy breakfast. But I’m really bad in deciding what to make. Rolls with a large range of toppings, waffles, pancakes, crepes or another totally different breakfast creation? This time I made porridge […]

Recently I visited the second Foodlbloggerbarcamp with 80 other food bloggers in Berlin! I was excited as I have never been to a barcamp before and also the idea was quite new to me. Of course, it is always a pleasure to get to know the virtual contacts in reality! At a barcamp knowledge is passend on the participants from the participants in 45 minutes sessions. Topics are created very spontaneously […]

Originally I wanted to submit another pesto to Peggys Event Rapsölution. But how it happens, my idea didn’t work on the foreevening of the event, of course. Moreover my Nikon striked. Doesn’t go well these days. But I always have some posts waiting in line and I noticed that I still have the perfect recipe. Lucky me! So I’m now submitting this awesome pesto made of carrot tops and pumpkins […]

Erin Gleeson blogs on her blog The Forest Feast about food and drinks which she creates in her beautiful cottage in the californian woods. Also she loves to throw a party for her friends! For Erin it’s very important to appeal the eye with her food and so she creates real art with her wonderful water colour drawings. Which was the main reason I wanted her new cookbook The Forest Feast. […]

This is not about food. This is about Inga. I just read via Mel that Inga died. This was a shock. Of course I knew like a lot of other people that she had been fighting against blood cancer. But I would have never thought it will win. Although Inga was a petite person, she was a strong and cheerful woman, who fought. I had the honour to get to know […]