Originally I wanted to submit another pesto to Peggys Event Rapsölution. But how it happens, my idea didn’t work on the foreevening of the event, of course. Moreover my Nikon striked. Doesn’t go well these days. But I always have some posts waiting in line and I noticed that I still have the perfect recipe. Lucky me! So I’m now submitting this awesome pesto made of carrot tops and pumpkins […]

Erin Gleeson blogs on her blog The Forest Feast about food and drinks which she creates in her beautiful cottage in the californian woods. Also she loves to throw a party for her friends! For Erin it’s very important to appeal the eye with her food and so she creates real art with her wonderful water colour drawings. Which was the main reason I wanted her new cookbook The Forest Feast. […]

This is not about food. This is about Inga. I just read via Mel that Inga died. This was a shock. Of course I knew like a lot of other people that she had been fighting against blood cancer. But I would have never thought it will win. Although Inga was a petite person, she was a strong and cheerful woman, who fought. I had the honour to get to know […]

Autumn is here and therefore it’s time again to cuddle up, drink warm tea and cook with pumpkins, apples, pears and quinces! In summer I avoid chocolate because of the heat, but now it’s time again to make delicious stuff with chocolate. So I recommend you a blanket, a good book, a warm cup of tea and a slice of this scrumptious creamy chocolate tart. I discovered this recipe in […]

I’m admiring fava beans in a lot of english food blogs or cookbooks, but I’ve never seen them here in Germany! So last year I gave it a try and grew them on our field to satisfy my curiosity. I liked them very much and found them funny, too! It’s funny, that I discovered them last week in Rothenburg on the farmer’s market at the only vegetables stall there! I […]

As you might noticed before I like cocktails. In my opinion this years trend is bourbon and gin and for me the cocktail of the year is the julep! A julep isn’t a just a julep. It should be something extraordinary, too, so I created this pineapple julep with mint sugar! So delicious! I think pineapple is just the perfect juice for cocktails and mint is such a great herb, […]

Summer time, pickling time! Well, I already told you so, didn’t I? I can’t say it often enough ;). The second year I made pickled cucumbers, because the batch of last year was THAT good! Seriously you won’t consider buying pickles again! The only flaw: you have to wait one month until they are infused and are ready to eat. But hey, then you can enjoy them all year long!  […]

Hop over to Sugarprincess! I was honored to write a guest post for Yushkas blog Sugarprincess and I brought a great summer pasta dish with a special kind of vegetable! Thanks Yushka! Link to guest post