I’m sorry, the lovely links are only available in German, although if you switch the language at the top of bottom of the page I recommend you the last four links as they are in English. You will learn about slavery on shrimp farms in Thailand, the Oscar gift bags, a cool idea for a travel pillow and an amazing recipe for winter porridge with chai and pecans!  

Last year I made a batch of barbecue sauce with peaches. Unfortunately I couldn’t manage it with the peaches last summer and so in autumn the barbecue sauce in stock looked very meager. Then in November I was invited to a whisky event and after that I was able to experiment with the smoky Single Malt Whisky Ardmore. And nothing fit better than to refine my barbecue sauce with that […]

Sometimes two great coincidences happen at the same time: I was able to pick up some organic limes and Deb of smitten kitchen blogged a recipe for key lime pie! I had to bake this pie immediately, since I love limes and pie! The only thing missing for the perfect pie is a pie dish in the right size! But it would have taken too long to buy one first. […]

Hey you there! I’m sorry the lovely links are only available in German. Oranges are in season now, so take a look at my best recipes starring oranges! Have fun!  

After making my own wheat flour tortillas I wanted to make corn tortillas, of course. After a bit of research it turned out more difficult than expected, because you nead a special flour, called masa harina. Masa harina is a special treated corn flour which is nixtamalizated. Nix-ta-what? Nixtamalization is a traditonal Mexican process, which is already used since 1500 BC and improves the baking properties, inhances the flavour of […]

I’m sorry, the lovely links are only available in German. Can I help you out with some homemade pizza instead?

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After the gluttony of Christmas and New Years Eve people want to concentrate on healthy, light food. Ok, some people. It’s not that I don’t like salads. I love salads that have a lot of going on in texture and where only little leavy greens are involved. The big problem with salad is that they are cold. Not good for someone like me who is freezing a lot. The good […]