Montag, 7. März 2011

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Yesterday we had a spectacular dinner.

Sometimes you make a recipe and doesn’t expect anything. Well not much. And then it happens… the food is just overwhelming. This doesn’t happen often. Normally I already read about a food or recipe and I have an idea, even it’s just the slightest, how it will turn out.

Ok, we all have a faint idea how meatloaf tastes. But believe me this is different. Totally. Almost everyone has his own meat loaf recipe (or is still looking for the right one at the bottom of their heart), but give this a try, because of that.

Meatloaf à la Jamie

 This recipe is an easy one and doesn’t call for a lot of ingredients. It’s delicate and luscious and  soft like a good cinnamon bun. Sorry, I’m still thinking of a recipe, that I saw this morning. But there’s truth in that sentence.

But the best is the taste. I cannot describe it, because I couldn’t find out from what ingredient the taste comes. In the end it isn’t important, it just means, you have to follow the recipe. And I hope the taste doesn’t derive from the rye toast I put into, instead of the breadcrumbs, which were out. I don’t want you to look after toast made of rye, just because of a simple meatloaf recipe, but to be true the rye toast is very good – for a toast, I mean it’s still just toast, but a good one. I just stumbled upon it recently, as I was filling up my toast stock.

Yeah I have a toast stock! For my defense, the meatloaf wouldn’t have been possibly without it, yesterday. And maybe the rye toast is the secret ingredient for the splendid taste. And if you are out of real bread AND granola, well you can eat it for breakfast, too.

Meatloaf à la Jamie

So why Jamie? I have a cookbook these days, which I borrowed from the library. And I’m testing it. You think right, it’s from Jamie Oliver (Jamie’s Food Revolution or in German: Jamie’s Kochschule). I like his books, but I made the experience, that there are only a few recipes in his books, that I cook (mostly the same). Some have too fancy ingredients, some are just not my kind. And therefore the books are too expensive.

This time again,I liked the book, after I first flipped through. But as I got it from the library, I can now test a lot of recipes, without buying it and then (almost) regretting it (I normally have no regrets buying or possessing any cookbook). And until now the book did a good job.

So if you are still looking for a dinner recipe, give this a try and if not today, then tomorrow or at the latest next weekend. I beg you!

Meatloaf à la Jamie

Vor einem Jahr: Überbackene Tofunocken mit Tomatensauce

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  1. Colores sagt:

    This looks so appetizing! Lecker!

  2. Miri Leigh sagt:

    This meatloaf looks fantastic! Great photos too!

  3. Debbie sagt:

    Ahhh, just the thing! I'm cleaning out the fridge and freezer, and there's a pound of ground meat looking at me. There was a bit of frozen parsley in there, a red and a yellow onion and some garlic in the bottom of the fridge. A roll was left over from yesterday, no milk but there was some yogurt left ofter that only needed to be mixed with some hot water. No mustard around, but my new chili&lime seasoning. And there was a fresh egg, yeah! Meatloaf is soooo versatile, just put in whatever needs using up! Thanks for the great idea!

  4. Kris Ngoei sagt:

    From the way you described about the recipe and its special taste, I guess we all must put this into our next cooking list. The photos are strongly convincing about the taste and texture 🙂

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