Mittwoch, 15. Dezember 2010

Update: Für das deutsche Rezept nach unten scrollen!

Last week I told you about some Christmas gifts I will make. Today I present you two of them. I highly recommend both. Either as a gift or just for yourself. Both recipes are made in no time and are very easy.

Eggnog & Gingerbread

 Although I bake and cook almost everything myself, I never made gingerbread or lebkuchen, as we call them in German (gingerbread is confusing for me, as the lebkuchen doesn’t contain any ginger…). I come from the lebkuchen city of Nürnberg, so I know the very good ones from the lebkuchen bakeries (not the cheap ones from the supermarkets) and I never had the guts to bake them myself. But then two things happened.

First I didn’t had the chance to buy or eat any lebkuchen from home, since there was no opportunity to be there. Second I bought a really wonderful book (sorry for all the English speakers). The book contains so many recipes for Christmas gifts (or gifts at all), Christmas cookies and even recipes for your Christmas dinner. It was love at first sight! There I discovered a lebkuchen recipe. They looked really good. A smaller version of my beloved ones from home. So I gave them a try. They are just perfect. No need to buy them anymore (ok, except the really good ones from the bakery). They are even better with chocolate icing. Or sugar icing. And they get better from day to day. It’s actually recommended, that you prepare them 1 to 2 weeks ahead. But then, you have to be careful, that you have some left for the gifts on Christmas.

Eggnog & Gingerbread

 It’s almost a tradition to make eggnog, as a gift for my grandmother for Christmas. There are not many things, that a 90-year-old-woman desires. But we all know she loves eggnog, so at least my aunt and me are giving eggnog as a gift to her. This year I tried a new recipe (which I also adapted from the book, I recommended above). And it is a hit! It balances perfect between the sweetness, the vanilla and the alcohol. It’s not too thick and not to thin. Just the right consistency. There is no sharpness of the alcohol in this eggnog. This is how I love it. I used normal corn schnapps, instead of the high-proof alcohol, listed in the recipe. With the right amount of the other ingredients, this was the key of the perfect eggnog.

Give your beloved ones a treat with those wonderful gifts or at least yourself and your family.

Happy baking!

Eggnog & Gingerbread


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  1. colores sagt:

    Oh my God, you made Lebkuchen, die liebe ich!!!!!!!! ich wllte auch welche vorbereiten…. das beste an Weihnachten… definitiv! LG colores Danke fürs Rezept!

  2. colores sagt:

    Hallo nochmals:-) habe es doch geschafft am Wochenende Lebkuchen zu backen! Weihnachten ohne selbstgemachte Lebkuchen ist kein Weihnachten:-))) LG colores

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