Dienstag, 7. Dezember 2010

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Today we are talking about Christmas cookies, or Weihnachtsplätzchen as we call them in Germany. It’s tradition here to bake in Advent. A lot of „Plätzchen“. So I began already before the 1.Advent and since then I made 5 different kinds. Unfortunately most of them are almost eaten. I don’t know where they all gone…

Christmas Cookies

At least it speaks for itself, that they are good. Very good.

Most of them have the same basis of dough. So it’s possible to make a huge amount of dough, then divide the dough, so you can shape and fill every part different.

I offer you the satisfaction of different tastes: fruit – in this case apricot, nuts, cocoa.

On the picture below you see the cookies filled with apricot jam. Behind them are the cream cookies. They are the only ones, made of different dough. I give you the recipes of the three cookies, which have the same basis dough, so it’s easy to vary. And believe me, everyone is different.

Christmas Cookies

As time flies by until Christmas, I’m planning what culinary presents I will make. Next week I will start with the ones, that will keep longer and maybe I can show you something delicious, that you can gift to someone, too. As we are heading to my family in Nürnberg a few days before Christmas, the last preparations need to be made there.

I’ve planned to make „Baumkuchen“: a cake with many many layers, a terrine, anis cookies (especially for my father, who loves them as much as I), eggnog for my grandmother and different savoury cookies. My christmas cookies are also very fancied, but as it stands things look black.

Christmas Cookies

On the picture above you see the black and white cookies on the left, and the nut cookies on the right.


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  1. colores sagt:

    Ich habe auch Plätzchen gebacken! I also posted my cookies maybe you like them!!! And the tast was great!!!Thanks for your recipe!!! kisses

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