Samstag, 10. Oktober 2009

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Autumn is coming finally. The leaves are falling from the trees, it’s not so warm anymore (but not cold yet) and everywhere you get the typical autumn food, like apples, pears, fennel and pumpkin. I love every kind of pumpkin or squash. Everytime I see another type, I have to buy it. Some weeks ago I bought a cooking magazine, which is all about pumpkins. I picked out one recipe, which I adapted. The combination of pumpkin and pastry is great. Ok I admit, combination with pastry is always great! And quiches are one of my favourites. Besides I made some field salad with caramelized walnuts and a hazelnut vinaigrette.

Mini Hokkaido Kürbis Quiches und nussiger Feldsalat

The quiches are filled with very small diced red kuri squash, onion, parsley and bacon. But if you like it vegetarian you can just leave the bacon. Also you have a stronger flavour of the squash then. Over that you give some eggs mixed with milk, mustard, salt and pepper and top it with cheese. I used gouda and mozzarella, because I hadn’t enough gouda. But it tasted very good. You can use the sort of cheese you like best. Gorgonzola would be also nice I think. The recipe originally goes for 12 pieces to bake in a muffin-pan. But I made it in my tartelettes pans, so I got 6 pieces (I only have 6 tartelette pans) and had some filling left. I was also generous with the dough. So if you have more pans, the dough and the filling is enough for more than 6 pieces. Just double the amount of the eggmilk for more tartelettes.

Mini Hokkaido Kürbis Quiches und nussiger Feldsalat


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